Blog: Dave LeggettToyota, Nissan and Honda in US

Dave Leggett | 1 October 2007

If you make 'em where you sell 'em your car firm gets some protection from currency fluctuations. It's a strategy that the global players employ and none more assiduously than the Japanese who have also wanted to diffuse trade tensions, too.

In this morning's weekly newsletter, I made the point that the weak dollar isn't riding to Detroit's rescue as much as it might once have because Toyota, Nissan and Honda have gone local and make much of what they sell in the US in North America.

Okay, I'll admit that I was working on an assumption of what I believe to be the case. Is the word 'much' stretching it a bit? Someone emailed to say that I've got that one wrong and the weak dollar means most of what the Japanese sell in the US is imported from Japan.

I've looked up some numbers. Cumulative US light vehicle sales (thousands) in the first eight months look like this:

                           Toyota           Nissan         Honda

Domestic assy     971               571               821

Import                  818               147               245

I think I'm just about okay with 'much' though I must admit the Toyota split is closer than I thought it would be. I am of course, talking units rather than value and the trade picture by value might be a little different again.

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