Blog: Dave LeggettToyota looks for rebound

Dave Leggett | 11 March 2011

It's been a pretty rough few years for Toyota. After decades of virtually unbroken progress marked by advancing sales, rising profit and growing presence around the world cemented by a reputation for class-leading quality, the bubble was punctured. Toyota, it turns out, isn't invincible after all. Product quality, perhaps the key Toyota brand value, was undermined by recalls that also pointed to the dangers of growing too fast.

Now, it seems, the time has come to draw a line under all that and chart a new course, set a new business plan and seize some initiative, build a recovery.

I have come across a press release about 'Toyota Global Vision' that makes for an interesting read. If you don't know about the 'tree metaphor' you're missing out. And 'respect for the planet' is hard to argue against. I'm driving the Lexus CT200h later today, so that will be an opportunity to get a feel for what Lexus is about and where it is going. Thoughts also with Japan this morning and the effects of the earthquake and tsunami there...

Toyota Unveils Global Vision


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