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Dave Leggett | 11 May 2005

Just about to head out to Pinewood Studios where Toyota is hosting a UK drive launch for its new city car, the Aygo. Why Pinewood Studios (a busy place where a number of blockbuster films have been made, including Batman and James Bond)? I don't know. But I am certainly interested to see and drive the Aygo - produced in a joint venture with Peugeot-Citroen in the Czech Republic. It has had good reviews here in the consumer press and competes in an increasingly crowded segment. 

The larger B-Segment Toyota Yaris certainly impresses in its efficient use of space - actually feels a lot bigger than it is. Has Toyota pulled off the same thing with the Aygo? The initial reviews that I have seen in the consumer press are pretty good. There are Peugeot and Citroen versions coming out of the same factory too - all three share 90% of the same componentry (the art of differentiation on some body panels coming very much into play). Budget cars from the likes of Chevrolet and Kia had better beware.

I'll try and find out some more about the Aygo while I am there. If they offer me a martini, it's definitely shaken, not stirred.

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