Blog: Dave LeggettToyota Auris launch

Dave Leggett | 12 January 2007

I’m flying to Barcelona first thing Monday (after a hairy start-the-week-M25-M11-will-it-ever-end drive to Stansted airport) for the Toyota Auris UK media launch. You never know quite what you’ll get out of these things, but it is always good to be invited and just-auto always gets copy out of such events. There is usually someone sensible to talk to.

Some fairly bold claims have been made about the Auris, which is supposed to shake-up its segment and proudly proclaim that Toyota is shedding its rather dull Corolla image for something a little bit funky and modern. We’ll see. Hope the sun comes out. And that I don’t get lost

ITALY: Toyota Auris steps onto European stage


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