Blog: Dave LeggettTorotrak's boat comes in

Dave Leggett | 18 March 2009

The licensing deal that transmission technology company Torotrak has done with Allison looks pretty significant. They must be pretty pleased up at Leyland and good luck to them.

I recall an event a few years ago in which I had a go in an IVT-fitted Ford Expedition and subsequently wrote up a feature on just-auto. There are some seriously committed people at Torotrak who have believed in it through thick and thin, mainly thin (with IPO cash being burnt all the while). The technology sounded interesting - and still does - but getting someone to decide to really invest in it hasn't been easy. This deal may well cause others to take another look (light duty applications even). Anyway, well done to all at Torotrak.

FEATURE: Torotrak's IVT: a role to play in making the ICE more efficient?

UK: Torotrak secures licensing deal with Allison


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