Blog: Dave LeggettTorotrak

Dave Leggett | 21 May 2004

I've had one of our contributors working on a feature on the UK-based technology company Torotrak. The company is developing Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) technology for automotive applications and is working with a number of vehicle makers and transmission companies - Getrag, Aisin - who have taken out development licenses. I sent Mark 'knuckles' Wilkinson up there (Leyland, north-west England) recently to get us an update. Sounds timely. We'll be publishing a feature on Monday, when the company also announces its latest financial results and updates its loyal and extremely patient shareholders on other developments. 

I was a little concerned that the company may be burning its cash reserves - from an IPO a fair few years ago - too quickly and was running out of runway. But things actually sound genuinely quite upbeat. With the price of oil where it is these days, maybe Torotrak's time has come? Look for the feature next week.   


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