Blog: Dave LeggettTorotrak

Dave Leggett | 28 November 2005

Things are perhaps looking up a bit at technology development company Torotrak. The new JV that the company has on outdoor power equipment will be watched closely by those considering passenger car applications for Torotrak’s Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) technology. If it flies with ride-on lawnmowers and the like, it will go some way to proving that the technology can indeed be rolled out in a low-cost and compact package at volume. Is there a carmaker out there prepared to take the plunge, get a 'first-mover' advantage, especially in these times of high energy prices (surely working in Torotrak’s favour)? Could be a nice differentiator at the high-end of the market or a way to make a relatively heavy SUV or crossover more fuel-efficient.

UK: Torotrak reports revenues up, costs down and a new JV (but still lacks volume automotive deal)


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