Blog: Simon WarburtonTop Saab to Top Gun

Simon Warburton | 23 August 2012

Anyone of a certain vintage cannot help but having been taken back 20 years this week, with the many excerpts aired on television of the iconic '80s film, Top Gun.

Many of my generation could virtually recite the movie word for word but it came sharply back into focus with the tragic death of its director, Tony Scott last weekend.

Scott is widely thought to have been offered Top Gun by Hollywood moguls, who were hugely impressed by his 'Nothing on Earth comes Close' ad for Saab featuring a 900 Turbo and Viggen 37 fighter aircraft.

The 900 noses out of an aircraft hangar - replete with aviator sunglasses-wearing driver - closely followed by the jet manufactured in the days when the same Saab made cool fighter jets and cool cars.

A stirring soundtrack sees the 900 accelerate down a hazy runway to be followed by - the Viggen 37 - magnificently rotating just above and with a dramatic intonation of : "From GBP7.5m to around GBP7,500: Saab - nothing on earth comes close."

To be able to use that association of ultra high-level technology with a vehicle brand, to make every Saab driver feel just as if he was a fighter pilot, the ad was pure genius. 

They don't make them like that any more.


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