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Dave Leggett | 22 October 2003

The Tokyo Show will be getting into full swing now (today's the first press day) and just-auto contributor Matthew Beecham is there on our behalf. He'll be concentrating on some of the new technology on display. I hope he's not getting too rude an awakening on the cost of living over there. I was speaking to someone recently who described his most expensive meal ever at a restaurant in Tokyo while out there on business. A not especially extravagant meal for one with half a bottle of wine and a beer - turned out to be a cool $300. I hope to hear from Matthew while he's over there and we have drawn up contingency plans to FedEx cheese sandwiches to him if necessary.

Maybe I can start saving up now and contrive to somehow get out there for the next one; I'd like to go one day. Tokyo always strikes me as especially absorbing - the Japanese makers' young car designers cutting their teeth on some jaw-dropping concepts. I haven't seen too much yet in the show media, but the Mitsubishi Se-ro caught my eye. Mitsubishi likens the 660cc midget vehicle to an airship with an interior that combines a front cockpit and a rear living room. In a vehicle that size? Audacious or what? Check the picture in the link. That Se-ro name? Stands for 'secret room'. So Tokyo!


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