Blog: Dave LeggettTokyo off?

Dave Leggett | 14 January 2009

How bad must things be getting if JAMA is considering cancelling this year's Tokyo auto show? That's a little bit surprising, to say the least. I don't think it will be cancelled though. Maybe the very suggestion is designed to get a bit more commitment from some foot-dragging manufacturers and maybe a few significant importers. I expect the pressure will now be on to close ranks and do the necessary to make sure it happens. No Tokyo show would not send a good message out - to Japanese consumers, the domestic industry or indeed to the auto industry worldwide.

The apparent question-mark hovering over Tokyo has got me thinking about the state of the Japanese auto industry though and I have joined a just-auto discussion on the subject to throw my three-pennies' worth in (below link). I'd be interested to hear views.

DISCUSSION: Tokyo motor show off?


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