Blog: Dave LeggettToday's Jag temperature check

Dave Leggett | 7 August 2006

As a result of various conversations I have had today:

Ford to sell Jaguar rather than fix it:

Odds 2:1 (yesterday 4:1)

If sale, where does it go?

Hyundai 2:1 (yesterday would have been 10:1)

Renault 5:1 (yesterday 4: 1)

PSA 10:1 (no change)

GAZ/Oleg 20:1 (yesterday 17:1)

AvtoVAZ 25: 1 (no change)

Honda 30:1 (yesterday 35:1)

Mitsubishi 40:1 (no change)

SAIC 50:1 (no change)

TATA; Chery; FAW, Geely, Chongqing, Dongfeng 75:1 (no change)

Shenyang 90: 1 (no change)

Iran Khodro 10,000:1 (no change; but, ironically, has access to a huge cash mountain, a fair bit of know-how, and would probably quite like it - if you talk to the engineers...)


Bundle Land Rover in with Jag? 10:1 (no change)

PAG job lot (whole package) sale 150:1 (yesterday 200:1)

'Pizza slices to go' - each unit offered up for auction - 200:1 (no change)


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