Blog: Dave LeggettTimezone rant

Dave Leggett | 31 October 2006

Here we go: late October and dark evenings again. When it comes to low-hanging fruit on the energy saving front, why the heck doesn't someone look at the UK's timezone? We are an hour behind the rest of western Europe and that means, at our northerly latitude, that it starts getting dark at about 3:30pm in the winter and offices and homes are then lit up (and what about the waste with always-on street lighting?). In midsummer, the sun rises at around 4:30am when most of us are asleep. What about someone looking at the energy implications here? The whole country's working day better matched to daylight hours would surely save plenty of energy and reduce carbon emissions. It has been done before (during WW2 to save energy, amazingly enough!).

And there'd be a positive leisure spin-off. I haven't come across anyone who actually likes the current arrangements and wouldn't value more daylight in the evenings over lighter mornings. The accident stats seem broadly supportive of a change. If Scottish farmers want to keep things as they are, then that's up to them (we have devolved government now after all).

Just wanted to get that one off my chest. It was annoying me as I listened on the radio to the incessant and often ill-informed chatter concerning the Stern report on climate change as I drove home in the pitch dark last night.  


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