Blog: Dave LeggettTime to do CNN again

Dave Leggett | 28 April 2003

Just been speaking with Jim Boulden, one of CNN's reporters, about a feature he's doing on GM in Europe. It's been a while since I've been interviewed by CNN, but I'm conscious of the fact that if you keep saying 'no' on grounds of logistics/pressure of work etc, they call you up less. Time I did one for them, so I said 'yes'. It'll be for CNN's international channel rather than US domestic I guess.

Which reminds me. After doing something for CNN's international channel in London, I once spent around an hour in solitary confinement in an automated and darkened CNN studio waiting for a live hook-up to the CNN domestic channel that didn't happen. I could hear their production people in the States trying to make contact with me, but they couldn't hear a word I was saying due to a technical problem. And they were getting pretty frustrated with me! 'Is that ******* guy In London there or what? Speak into the microphone!' No-one this end came to my assistance so I just sat there in silence watching and listening attentively to an interminable business programme and wondering if I was suddenly going to be live any moment and expected to hold forth about DC's latest financial results. Then I think they forgot about me. After an hour of that, I was quite exhausted and deflated - too much so to give them a hard time. They gave me a Turner umbrella to say sorry. A bizarre experience.


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