Blog: Dave LeggettTime critical shipments and supply-chain

Dave Leggett | 23 July 2010

I had a very interesting lunch with 'Evolution Time Critical' MD Brad Brennan earlier today. His business is all about providing a premium transportation service on components that can mean the difference between an automotive production line working or being idle. The parts need to be transported somewhere quick and by whatever modal means are appropriate and available. Helicopters are sometimes involved.

There were a few jokes about the mysterious man in the Cadbury's Milk Tray chocolate box ads of yesteryear. As you can probably imagine, Brad Brennan had a few good stories (his clients' names not divulged of course). It's quite a network he has built up, by the sounds of it, with local knowledge and contacts the key to being able to quickly put together a plan, or options, for a stressed out customer. He certainly seemed like a chap who enjoys the challenge. He must be getting that with some of the BRICs...

But, I asked, what about the jobs that simply can't be done? The important thing, he said, is to be honest with your customers and tell them if it's impossible. He has, he maintained, spent time in the past picking up the pieces after a rival has over-promised and under-delivered, perhaps securing the business with an excessively low bid. Over time, people respect you for being as honest as you can be and for your expertise, combined with the ability to deliver reliably to an agreed schedule.

Anyway, an interview for publication on just-auto is in the works.


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