Blog: Dave LeggettTier 0.5s

Dave Leggett | 20 February 2004

Myself and Ollie had a productive lunchtime meeting at The Bear with Tony Lewis, his wife Christine and Hugh Hunston (Chris Wright couldn’t make it). Over a light lunch of sandwiches and (lashings of) ginger beer, we got through quite a bit. One subject of discussion was the auto industry’s ‘Tier 0.5s’. Tony coined the term – referring to the mega Tier 1s - when working on a Financial Times publications report a few years ago. I was recently asked by a student for the definition of a Tier 0.5 firm, which suggests the term has caught on to the extent that it is being banded around in the industry. Looks like Tony will be revisiting the Tier 0.5s for a just-auto members’ management briefing later this year. It is provisionally entitled, ‘Whatever happened to the Tier 0.5s?’


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