Blog: Dave LeggettThunderbirds are go - sort of

Dave Leggett | 13 May 2003

Apologies to anyone unfamiliar with Gerry Anderson's 'Thunderbirds' puppets, but the 1960s kids TV serial is getting re-worked for the big screen and there's one aspect of it that jars a little. Besides the fact that just about every cartoon, comic strip and TV serial from my childhood is being mercilessly raided these days, it seems that in the new version Lady Penelope will not be chauffeured around by Parker in a custom-built pink Rolls Royce, as she was in the TV series. No, it'll be a specially made Ford ('yes, m'lady - the Roller's gone back'). And Lady P will even have a pink StreetKa in her garage so she can get behind the wheel herself to enjoy the Ford experience when the mood takes her. Well played Ford I suppose. If the movie's a hit, the product placement will have been worthwhile. Wonder whether BMW/RR turned it down first? One thing though: the original Lady P would surely never have countenanced the idea of owning a Ford. Mind you, she probably chews gum, has a trendy 'regional' accent - if indeed she's still British - and practices pilates these days.


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