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Dave Leggett | 4 September 2004

Do you see the weekly publication 'The Economist'? If you don't, you may want to pick up this week's edition when you're next in your local newsagent. There's a pull-out survey of the car industry inside that is worth a read. There's nothing particularly new in it and not everything is addressed, but it's well written and provides a good overview of the automotive industry today and the big challenges ahead. Actually, The Economist is one of the few newspapers (they call it a newspaper, though many may see it as a current affairs magazine) that I read in hardcopy form these days, but if you take out a sub, there's also a pretty good website that comes with it.

STOP PRESS: It would appear that - for now - the full survey is free to access on The Economist's website. Click the below link for Iain Carson's opening article and see 'Related Items - In this survey' panel. If an article doesn't have the little red E+ icon next to the title, then you don't have to be a subsciber to access it. Top tips or what? 

The Economist car industry survey


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