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Dave Leggett | 6 June 2006

Two things have made an impression on me in the last 24 hours. One was the sight of a human heart beating outside of a body which I caught while watching the TV news last night. It was jaw dropping TV. Apparently, they (the medical maestros involved with organ transplants - Gaud bless 'em) can now keep a heart beating artificially which means they can keep it in better condition and for longer before fitting it to its new owner. Amazing. How long before someone gets a brain transplant?

And secondly, I have just read that Kia is offering its Slovakian assembly line recruits £2.72 an hour. That's £2.33 less than the UK minimum wage. That means shelf stackers and burger jockeys (never mind car workers) here are double the cost of a Kia car worker in Zilina. It is one thing to learn about cheap labour in Asia, but Slovakia is in the EU and not very far away. There was plenty of state aid for Kia also. Gulp.  

SLOVAKIA: Kia says now 'most Korean of European automakers'


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