Blog: Dave LeggettThere's forward looking and then there's forward looking

Dave Leggett | 6 June 2012

We like to think of ourselves as forward looking here at just-auto. We're interested in the future, how this industry is being shaped, emerging megatrends and in keeping tabs on what the professional forecasters and pundits are saying.

But this morning I went a little bit further than intended when penning the weekly newsletter. I wanted to make a simple point about how things will be changed in sixty years' time, but somehow 2072 became 2172! Apologies for that (and Blue Peter badges are being despatched to the eagle eyes who spotted it). I blame it on too much Jubilee flag-waving and the endless toasts to Her Majesty.

Yes, I think it is fair to say that things will be radically different in a thousand years' time. They'll be pretty different by 2072, but 2172 is on a very different scale if the changes over the period from the year 952 to today are anything to go by. With a little luck the human race will still be here and living on the surface...

Speaking of the future, here's something that I enjoyed immensely that has come out of China. An idea for the future: VW's Hover Car. Nicely done short film.


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