Blog: Dave LeggettThere are transport modes and then there are transport modes

Dave Leggett | 24 June 2013

The other cable cars were empty at 8:00am on a Thursday...

The other cable cars were empty at 8:00am on a Thursday...

Travelling to the Frost and Sullivan event in London last week involved a modal transfer that gave me quite a 'lift'.

Amid all the talk of integrated mobility, mixing modes, congested cities, car sharing, buses, taxis and bikes...I managed to get a trip on a transport mode that is a little bit out of the ordinary and refreshingly uncongested. The 'Emirates Air Line' is a cable car ride from North Greenwich to the other side of the River Thames where you'll find the Exel exhibition centre and the Siemens Crystal building (which was the venue for the Urban Mobility conference). The cable car system was constructed built in double-quick time for the London Olympics last year and I'm not sure it gets much traffic now, but it's a nice ride that delivers some great views across the city and down the river. An oasis of calm.

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