Blog: Dave LeggettThe Who and VW

Dave Leggett | 4 September 2007

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has entered cooperation with ageing rock band The Who at a Minibus enthusiasts meeting in Hannover in October. The Who will play at the event.

Says Pete Townshend: “I own a Volkswagen Bus together with my partner Rachel Fuller. And we used Volkswagen Buses as transport in our very early days as a band. It was the cool thing to do,” the artist reminisced. “In fact, I even wrote about it in ´Going Mobile´. The Volkswagen Bus was the only true choice at the time, and everyone loved it. It was a mobile hippy home, cult on wheels, and today, still, the Multivan is a great automobile.”

The press release continues: "That’s exactly what the song ‘Going Mobile’ is about: “Well I'm gonna find a home on wheels, see how it feels, / Goin' mobile/ Keep me moving/ I can pull up by the curb, /I can make it on the road, /Goin' mobile I can stop in any street/ And talk with people that we meet”.

Freedom of the road. Nice sentiment.

For some reason, the VW people didn't highlight these lyrics from the same song: "I don't care about pollution/ I'm an air-conditioned gypsy, That's my solution/ Watch the police and the tax man miss me/I'm mobile Oooooh, yeah, hee!"

The Who in the old days - with VW bus


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