Blog: Graeme RobertsThe 'vette that snitches on the valet

Graeme Roberts | 9 September 2014

2015 Corvette camera can be used to record over-enthusiastic valet parking

2015 Corvette camera can be used to record over-enthusiastic valet parking

In a pleasing variation of authority using cameras to spy on car drivers, General Motors has come up with a car camera that can be a nosey parker on the valet parker entrusted with the keys to your pride and joy.

Valet parking is not common here in the UK (cameras that ticket you for staying one nano-second over your allotted pay-and-display or three-free-hours times are) but I have heard some interesting tales from US friends. Best so far is the three wrong cars produced, taking nearly an hour, before the right chariot was delivered back to its now-fuming owner.

According to the New York Times, the 2015 Corvette, just now reaching its first salivating customers, can be ordered with a camera that, though originally designed as part of a performance-recording system, could be used to shop an over-zealous valet.

"Before handing the keyfob to a stranger, the Corvette owner can punch in a four-digit code on the car’s touch screen, disabling the audio system, locking the glove compartment and turning on the video recorder. Video from the front-facing camera  - as well as audio from inside the car - is stored on the SD card, which the driver can watch later for errant behavior like excessive acceleration and hard braking. A 32-gigabyte card should hold more than 12 hours of video."

I can see that being a popular option.


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