Blog: Dave LeggettThe Tata Nano of laptops

Dave Leggett | 2 February 2009

Okay, maybe the Tata Nano won't be quite as cheap as people hoped and maybe talk of it appearing in the European marketplace is way too premature, but it will be an achievement of note when it does finally go on sale in India later this month. Nano has been delayed due to problems at the lead plant in West Bengal and the subsequent need to rejig the manufacturing plan, but that's the latest news on when it should be ready for showrooms.

The thing about the Nano is that it challenges assumptions about how this industry works, what can be done and what can't and it also challenges prevailing business models. 

In a similar vein, there's a project in India aimed at producing an extremely low-cost laptop. Just seven squids for a laptop? It must cause people at Intel and elsewhere in that industry a little bit of discomfort. Like Nano, the central question is: can the manufacturer really deliver on the promise? Fascinating stuff.  

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