Blog: Dave LeggettThe secret to Alan Mulally's success at Ford

Dave Leggett | 23 May 2014

Alan Mulally shows his appreciation to the

Alan Mulally shows his appreciation to the 'secret of his success at Ford'

I was at the SMMT headquarters in London yesterday for a small media round table with outgoing Ford CEO Alan Mulally. He's been on something of a tour, taking time to say farewell to colleagues around the world and also media. Mr Mulally was in fine fettle and there were some fascinating personal insights into his time at Ford, the challenges ahead and so on. A full article will follow, so look out for that on just-auto next week.

One thing he shared raised a few smiles. As Ford CEO he gets a daily briefing on Ford in the media, selected highlights, as you'd expect. And a header recently caught his eye, in The Detroit News: "The secret to Alan Mulally's success at Ford".

Wow, he thought, that's quite a claim. He wondered what it could possibly you would. Just what are they claiming is his 'secret'? 

The unconventional answer in the article? Ford's 1-litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Mulally beamed with satisfaction at that because he is something of a fan of that engine and what it says about Ford's technological/product advances. And he then also recalled the rather unusual pic of him puckering up to it (that we have used a few times in articles).

Must say, Alan Mulally has been quite a breath of fresh air as an automaker CEO. 


The secret to Alan Mulally's success at Ford


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