Blog: Dave LeggettThe Saab 27

Dave Leggett | 16 April 2009

Of the 27 initial expressions of interest (which at the light end of the spectrum could simply be a desire to look over the books) in up-for-sale Saab, I wonder who might be seriously interested. I can't quite see a private equity company going for it - Cerberus and Chrysler serves as a stark warning of the dangers, if any were needed.

If there are prospective buyers from within the industry who are we looking at? Chinese OEMs are the most likely. And I wouldn't rule out Swedish investors - maybe a consortium of some sort that is motivated by the fear that a Chinese buyer would eventually suck out Saab's technology and jobs from Sweden to China.

Who'd be best for Saab? A responsible Chinese OEM that appreciates the strength of the brand would perhaps be ideal as a participant, maybe with Swedish interests also represented on the board for added reassurance. That way there are the synergistic benefits of association with another automotive group and the hope has to be that the partner would be in a position to help out with little things like new product development and cost savings.  

SWEDEN: 27 possible buyers eyeing Saab


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