Blog: Dave LeggettThe rise of China's inland cities

Dave Leggett | 29 November 2010

There has been some interesting work going on at the EIU which looks a little more closely at the rise of China's inland cities - a source of growing car sales.

These places are now getting greater attention as economic growth starts to level off in places like Shanghai. It also reflects China’s transition to a consumption-driven economy, with growth moving away from the export-led eastern seaboard.

The EIU's analysts have even coined a neat little acronym (well, you have to do that to start with don't you) that you can throw around at meetings to impress people, though learning what the letters stand for so that you can unhesitatingly rattle them off might take a bit of doing...

CHAMPS = Chongqing, Hefei, Anshan, Maanshan, Pingdingshan and Shenyang (taken from the EIU's list of the top 20 fastest-growing Chinese cities)

There's a free White Paper on the subject to download at the EIU's website which is worth a look if you are following China closely and want to know more about the dynamics of these places and economic growth/consumption/demographic projections (you just have to register your details with the EIU).



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