Blog: Dave LeggettThe retail/ownership experience: work to do

Dave Leggett | 14 June 2013

At the SMMT's International Automotive Summit yesterday there were some excellent presentations: autonomous vehicles, supply chain issues, the future of retailing - all fascinating stuff and being tackled by bright people with vigour.

But I kept hearing something that must be providing some concern and that also takes a bit of explaining. Despite the whizz-bang wonders of the latest automotive products that we see in the ads, not everyone is happy. Far from it.

The problem seems to be the traditional route by which you buy a car and maintain it after purchase. The 'customer experience' of the dealer or garage is frequently not a happy one (we've all got our own anecdotes). Perhaps some disconnects and problems are inevitable when we are talking about consumer products with the complexity of a vehicle.

Andy Palmer of Nissan delivered a couple of scary stats. He said that globally, 50% of women are dissatisfied with their car. Not only that, but a huge 74% of women feel misunderstood by automakers in the USA. Stats can always be questioned, but these kinds of stats suggest that something is not quite right in the way the industry interacts with large numbers of its customers and that the scale of the problem is worryingly large...


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