Blog: Dave LeggettThe RAC Club, Pall Mall

Dave Leggett | 11 May 2004

Just received a nice note from a PR lady about the dress code for the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) in London where I'm headed on Friday for a press event about the upcoming (September) Paris Motor Show. The note gently points out that there is a dress code at the RAC - basically collar and tie, suit. And a cravat won't suffice apparently (I'll leave it at home then!). I could get paranoid. Has everyone who accepted the invitation received this note, or just me - the scruffbag with a funny haircut from just-auto?

Actually, I quite like going down to the RAC. Wood-panelled walls, a restaurant menu for chaps of a certain age, reading lounges, the deference of the staff that is reminiscent of a bygone age. The RAC history is fascinating but the place just cracks me up. It's such a slice of old-fashioned English gentlemen's club - the kind of place where old buffers recalling the days of Empire eventually fall head-first into their soup and no-one bats an eyelid. Until pretty recently, women were banned from some of the bars and lounges. I kid you not.

I sometimes wish I was a member of the RAC driving club, rather than the Automobile Association (AA). I'd love to try and get in at the door innocently brandishing my plastic membership card (as an ordinary RAC member, along with millions of others, you're not entitled to go in, although many years ago you would have been). 


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