Blog: Dave LeggettThe Pug speaks

Dave Leggett | 19 May 2004

I spoke to just-auto contributor Tony Pugliese earlier today. He’s still based in Asia but is visiting family in Sicily right now (he's enjoying the local cuisine but says the weather has been unusually cool there and is only just hotting up). He’ll be coming over to London soon, which means I can look forward to spending at least one big night on the town with him. 

After we’d mulled the great auto industry matters of the day, we started talking about football. Tony’s actually a scouser – ie he comes from Liverpool (but we try not to hold that against him) – and supports the famous football team from that city. As he lives in Bangkok currently, I wondered what his views were on Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's bid to buy a 30% stake in Liverpool football club. He's not keen on the guy for all sorts of reasons and would prefer that his bid fails. And he'd also like to see the club's manager (coach) Gerard Houllier out of the door this summer, but he's glad to see the back of that great under-achiever on the pitch, Emile Heskey.


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