Blog: Dave LeggettThe problem with small cars

Dave Leggett | 14 February 2007

It's a fairly obvious point, but cars are very versatile bits of kit. Yes, for much of the time there may be just one person being transported. And yes, many journeys are short distance and many take place in urban areas. A small car or an electric plug-in may indeed make good sense for many on economic and ease-of-parking grounds. But if you do want to carry more than two people or it's a sunny day and you want a blast to the coast, you're screwed.

An optimal policy may be to have a 'wardrobe' of cars (I sometimes fantasise on what my post-lotto jackpot win wardrobe would comprise) so that you can more closely match automotive equipment to purpose. For most people though, the choice of automobile is necessarily about compromising on a vehicle that meets a range of needs.

Jerry Flint is, I suppose, stating the obvious (below link), but he does it very well.    

Jerry Flint on TCC


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