Blog: Dave Leggett'The peculiar appeal of anti-style'

Dave Leggett | 10 November 2003

I enjoyed Karl Ludvigsen's latest piece for us, which takes a look at the progression of 'anti-style' car brands. I haven't really given it a great deal of thought, but Subarus obviously don't sell on their looks. Volvos, it used to be fairly said, were not imbued with attractiveness and grace. You bought a Volvo because you were about substance not style - the Volvo 245 was a sturdy tank. As Volvo designs become more stylish and sporty it does beg the question of the extent to which, in repositioning the brand, traditional 'anti-style' customers are alienated. Is there an opportunity there? Maybe these anti-style people could indeed gravitate towards Skodas...


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