Blog: Dave LeggettThe name's Ford, Southern Ford

Dave Leggett | 31 August 2005

This item cracked me up. I can see the anchor on CNN: 'Okay, thanks for that report Wolf. That was Wolf Blitzer reporting exclusively for CNN from Kabul, Afghanistan. And (shuffles papers and looks up from desk to face the camera and autocue directly) coming right up after CNN Worldsport, we've got a weather update from CNN weatherman Southern Ford. Stay with us.'

I doubt anyone will seriously take up the offer, but it raises a smile and has got Houston-based Ford dealer Southern Ford some publicity. But there again, someone somewhere is probably thinking that a name change is a small price to pay for $50,000 over a two-year period.

How did the dealer spokesman keep a straight face with that last quote in the article? It's a beaut. 

USA: Change name to that of local car dealer, pocket $50,000 (terms and conditions apply)


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