Blog: Dave Leggett'The Max' in Austria

Dave Leggett | 19 April 2004

I've had an e-mail from consultant, analyst and writer Graeme Maxton - we go back to the old EIU days but I haven't heard from him for quite a while. He's been covering Asia in recent years and has spent a lot of time in Singapore, but he's living in Austria now. He tells me he's just written a book (along with his Autopolis partner, John Wormald) about the global auto industry. I'm intrigued I must say. 'Driving over a cliff' - his last effort - had doom and gloom in spades. It was a good read though. This time around, in addition to analysing the mess that many companies in the industry find themselves in, he's also offering prescriptions on how they get themselves out of the quagmire. I'll try and get hold of an executive summary or precis of some sort to publish on just-auto.


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