Blog: Dave LeggettThe joys of content tagging and metawords

Dave Leggett | 5 June 2008

I've just been reading about the new Indiana Jones film. I've been hearing good things about it. And actor Harrison Ford is clearly enjoying himself: 'Ford said that the Indiana Jones saga, whose last episode was released 19 years ago, still excited him like "Christmas morning." '. Nice. Fair play, they're good adventure films and I'm glad he still likes doing them. I might even go to the cinema to watch the latest (watched the first one at the Noverre cinema in Norwich in 1981).

I came across the Indy film review on one of the many of the aggregator sites I sometimes browse. In this case. the word 'Ford' was picked up and that dumped Indiana's review in an automotive feed. It happens all the time with automated systems primed for keywords.

Have to laugh. You would think maybe someone eyeballs the stuff to take the rogues out? Nah - they canna be bothered.

Still, at least it wasn't a mowing down by pickup of students at a bus-stop in Texas - the other sort of rogue that sometimes gets through on the automotive news feeds.   


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