Blog: Dave LeggettThe great SUV debate

Dave Leggett | 16 July 2003

What would Jesus drive? The anti-SUV campaign by Christian groups in the US provoked a storm of controversy because it suggests that your choice of vehicle is a decision that has a moral dimension to it. I actually sympathise with some of what I think that campaign was trying to do. Encourage people to think a little bit more broadly about things? Good idea. And anything that gets people to think and act on a more social plane, I'm for. But the tone of the campaign just seems a little too moralising, a rather blunt instrument. Maybe it makes us a little uncomfortable because deep down we know that driving an SUV is the tip of the iceberg. If Jesus was around today, he'd probably have quite a bit to say about the way we're living our lives and the state of the world. But getting back to cars, I guess the campaign at least has got people thinking and debating the issue of SUVs. Mind you, I had to laugh at the counter campaign run by the self-styled 'SUV Owners of America' (SUVOA). Quite amusing, although I find the SUVOA's anything goes tone a little irritating too. But who's behind SUVOA? How is it funded? This forum posting raises some interesting questions. Click the link.


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