Blog: Dave LeggettThe Great Leveller (Mother Nature)

Dave Leggett | 3 October 2005

With the media abuzz lately over the respective impacts and consequences of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the US, it’s perhaps interesting to note that there have been a few other places subject to severe flooding in recent months. September’s issue of Autocar India has plenty of coverage of the exceptional rainstorm that hit Mumbai (used to be Bombay) on July 26th.

The date has become known as ‘Terrible Tuesday’ following a downpour that brought the heaviest rain in a hundred years.

Autocar India Editor Hormazd Sorabee says he got home quickly that day, but most of the Autocar India staffers were trapped in the office overnight, without electricity, like many others in the city.

Apparently, Ford India’s new MD Arvind Mathew and outgoing MD, David Friedman, endured a 10-km walk with the masses, much of it in waist-high water, to get back to their hotel. But, as Hormazd notes, the flood was a great leveller – Mercs and Lexi (that’s Lexuses) submerged alongside Maruti 800s and rickety cabs.

Demand for cars has taken a hit though, with buyers looking to postpone new car purchases until the monsoon season is over (from November, it gets a lot drier over there I believe). And there could be some additional market fillip as those with damaged cars opt to replace them.


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