Blog: Dave LeggettThe dinosaurs are back

Dave Leggett | 19 May 2015

The dinosaurs are back? No, that's not a reference to the Top Gear Three who are reportedly readying for a Netflix rebirth.

Cast your mind back to Jurassic Park, the movies with the Raptors and Rexes...well, there's more of the same this summer: Jurassic World. And Mercedes-Benz has secured some prime product placement. You can see the add for the car/movie here. And some slightly over the top stuff about the shoot with the GLE Coupe - 'just like the characters, sophisticated, sexy, smart' - is here. Looks like the superlatives ran out for the Sprinter van (only 'pretty amazing'). As before, the real stars will be the dinosaurs...(and RIP Dickie Attenborough).


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