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Graeme Roberts | 29 March 2011


Ford's new gold has been seen before on Antipodean GM cars in the 70s

Interesting report from Ford of Europe on what colours buyers of the blue oval's vehicles prefer, according to market.

In about 50 years' interest in the autobiz, I've seen lots of colours come and go, around. VW's pastel shades for the Beetle, later picked up the Fiat 500, another revival of a famous old model, come immediately to mind.

Please spare us the browns, bright greens and lurid purples of the 70s (anyone remember BL/Leyland Australia's 'bold as brass' yellow?) but some colours can do Groundhog Day.

The recent Ford Focus UK launch had cars in a lustrous deep red and a yellowish (some reckoned greenish) gold. I've see the latter before more or less, around 1973, on Vauxhalls and Holdens built from CKD kits by General Motors New Zealand.

But we are told brown is making a comeback. "...a small but growing number of buyers are choosing brown, copper and other earth tones, albeit in fashion, interior furniture, and now automotive, and have been revived with exciting interior to exterior combinations", the automaker said.

I've seen some nice new copper shades; it'll be interesting to see brown reinvented at Ford; Nissan already does something close on some UK-built models.


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