Blog: Graeme RobertsThe 'calm dignity' of the Japanese

Graeme Roberts | 14 July 2011

On just-auto today we have a story in which Toyota Europe purchasing chief Mark Adams praises the “calm dignity” of the Japanese people who worked “astonishingly hard” to restore supplies from the country.

It's a comment we've heard many times from automakers and suppliers. But, while supplies of autoparts are well back on track, that can't be said for the lives of many people in the Sendai region. Nonetheless, they're hard at it, as this article, and this, clearly show. They're looking at three years just to clean up.

You might recall the TV news reports of Sendai airport being engulfed by sea water and debris, with people trapped in the terminal for a time. That facility reopens any day now, another tribute to the dedicated folk involved.


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