Blog: Glenn BrooksThe BMW 335Li does not officially exist

Glenn Brooks | 16 January 2012

A long wheelbase version of the new BMW 3 Series is said to be set for a global debut at AutoChina 2012 in April.

BMW might possibly not thank for me informing you that pics of the LWB 3er are all over the web but it's so clearly a well proportioned car that I couldn't not share the news.

Might we see the 3 Series iL exported? I don't see why not. After all, BMW began to ship Shenyang-built long wheelbase 5 Series sedans abroad last month.

As is the case with other major shows throughout this year, we'll publish and republish a constantly updating list of world premieres before and during Bejing's biennial event. I'm currently sniffing around my own sources as well as nagging the official press departments for confirmations of debutantes. The list as ever will only contain models and concepts that have been announced by manufacturers. See our recent ones from New Delhi and Detroit if you missed them, each of which now serves as a handy historic record. And the current one for Geneva is here.


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