Blog: Dave LeggettThe 2004 British Motor Show

Dave Leggett | 22 September 2003

No, it won't be called that. It'll be called 'The Sunday Times Motor Show Live' in recognition of the sponsorship provided by The Sunday Times newspaper. I guess it's a sign of the times. The British Motor Show rather lost its way when the British-owned volume carmaking industry disappeared. In Europe, Frankfurt (for the German makers), Paris (for the French) and Geneva ('neutral') have got the main new model launches sewn up and have done for some time now. Birmingham was always a bit peripheral and becoming increasingly so. At least the SMMT seems to have faced up to a few things and is trying to do something a little different in positioning the show more obviously as a consumer event. It's a brave strategy in some ways. Next year's first in the new vein will obviously be very important. Maybe Jeremy Clarkson will even say something nice about the event in his Sunday Times column.


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