Blog: Chris WrightThai trip offers no rain relief

Chris Wright | 13 July 2012


Honda's underwater plant pictured last October

I had hoped that by coming to Thailand I would escape probably the worst English summer I can recall in terms of rainfall. No such luck.

The British Airways flight was held on the ground at London for two hours because of the chaos caused by thunder storms and we had to dodge and weave through several others on the way.

On the train from the airport into Bangkok I could see that roads and fields were flooded, heavy rainfall had hit during the morning. According to a colleague, some side roads in the city were under four or five inches of water.

Obviously not as bad as the floods which devastated the country last October, which is why I am here, to discover how the automotive industries have recovered and how they can prevent the same thing happening again.

One thing I have discovered in this morning’s Nation newspaper is that you should always carry a banana in the car. Motoring writer Pattanadesh Asasappakij offered helpful advice to his readers whose radiators spring a leak.

“Try to find raw bananas, peel them and slice them up. Then push the banana pieces repeatedly into the spot of the leak. The banana will clog the hole and prevent water from leaking.”

Not a lot of people know that …….


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