Blog: Dave LeggettTesla Motors vs BBC

Dave Leggett | 30 March 2011

Here's a curious one. Sounds like Tesla Motors is taking legal action against the BBC over a 2008 Top Gear episode in which the Roadster apparently ran out of juice after 55 miles.

The BBC TG people should maybe have been more careful (I suspect they engage in such 'broadcaster license' all the time), even if they claim that conking out after 55 miles reflected how the Tesla actually performed in tests. But Tesla is now drawing negative media attention to the whole issue of range in its cars...

Tesla Motors isn't exactly a company new to the world of litigation (Elon Musk vs Martin Eberhard springs to mind). Lawyers at dawn. One to watch.

Tesla sues Top Gear over "rigged" electric car test

On a separate but related note, here's a press release on Tesla's website that illustrates yet more Tesla irritation with the Beeb and its reporting of EV range issues...

Tesla Enthusiast Drives to Edinburgh Emission-Free, Dispels BBC EV Bias

Raw nerve or what?


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