Blog: Dave LeggettTeflon Schrempp?

Dave Leggett | 10 October 2003

I was talking earlier today to someone who lives in the rarified world of investment banking. We got on to the subject of Jurgen Schrempp and the DC board's apparent willingness to extend his contract. It's fair to say that there was an expression of some incredulity at the other end of the line. Look at the problems facing DC today and there's certainly a case for Mr Schrempp to answer. Well managed since 1998? Just take a look at DC's latest financial results - the Chrysler arm is in very serious crisis. The industrial synergies envisaged in 1998 have been painfully slow to get going. Okay, if not Schrempp (and maybe the DC board is merely floating the extension idea to take the temperature), then who's ready to take the helm? The investment banker felt that Dieter Zetsche has made a hash of things lately at Chrysler and that sentiment towards him is not at all positive right now. Would Wolfgang Reitzle take it on? Or is he eyeing something more personally interesting at a place he knows very, very well? Wonder what he thinks of Bangle?


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