Blog: Dave LeggettTata Nanos on epic journey

Dave Leggett | 24 March 2010

I still haven't driven a Tata Nano. From the reports I have seen, it's pretty good for what it is but not exactly a vehicle for long journeys. Some guys raising money for charity are driving some Nanos overland from India to Britain and will arrive in Trafalgar Square on April 10th - all going well. Sounds like a proper road trip and not for the faint-hearted. 

The first leg of 2000 plus km from Amritsar to Mumbai was completed on March 3rd  The team set off again from London on March 26th to join the cars in Iran and complete the second leg to UK.

Good luck to the lads. And, given something I read yesterday, perhaps they should be aware that things could  -  if a handful of recent incidents in India are anything to go by - get a little hot at the rear.

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