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Dave Leggett | 10 January 2008

Now we know just what Tata's one-lakh car is and what it looks like. Probably like many of you out there, we're still digesting available information. Main points:

  • 4-doors;
  • engine at the rear and small 'boot' at the front;
  • smaller footprint than the Maruti 800 but with 20% more interior space;
  • 2 cyl 624cc engine developing 33bhp (diesel variant to follow later);
  • CVT;
  • looks like a Smart or Mitsubishi i-Car;
  • and it has hit 1-lakh (USD2,500) price on ex-works basis with transport and taxes added on top of that - but there is a warning that prices may have to go up.

All in all, sounds like it's getting a good reception from the media in Delhi.

Proof of the pudding will be in shifting the cars by the bucketload and making some sort of profit, however small. For those wondering just where these cars will go, the idea is not to sell them in big numbers in India's already at bursting point megacities.

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