Blog: Dave LeggettTata Nano and South Africa

Dave Leggett | 11 March 2008

Is the Tata Nano a good car for Africa? The thought arises after reading our interview that Julian Rendell did with Ratan Tata. Over the years there has been much debate about an automotive product geared to the sub-Saharan automotive market and operating conditions. A bunch of people in South Africa even considered bringing the old East German Trabant back from the dead a few years ago. And there was a seriously considered plan to restart the old Benz W123.

Consider the potential advantages of Nano: low price; ease of assembly (multiple plants in India remember); easy to fix at local workshops; more reliable than existing used cars; it's a four-seater (can work as a small taxi-cab in urban areas); and as a small car it's easy on the gas.



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