Blog: Dave LeggettTata inches closer

Dave Leggett | 3 January 2008

Looks like Tata is getting closer to taking Jaguar and Land Rover off Ford's hands. One slightly curious thought occurs. I recently watched the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies which was made in 1997. BMW at that time had a product placement deal with the film's makers and a 7 Series is prominent as are some black Range Rovers. Of course, Land Rover belonged to BMW back then.

If you saw the more recent Casino Royale, it was accordingly a Ford/PAG show stuffed with Rangeys, Jags, an Aston Martin and the new Mondeo. 

And now, perhaps, Tata carries this particular relay baton, along with the new Aston Martin owners.

So, picture it. In a few years another placement deal is being struck. The Bond filmmakers want, as well as an Aston Martin or two, some Jags and Landys again. The usual negotiations are taking place. 'But can we get Bond in the new Indicar for just one scene?'

To be serious for a moment, the detailed negotiations still have to be played out but this announcement is an important hurdle for Tata to have cleared. Nitty gritty time.

Deepesh Rathore, SupplierBusiness analyst in Delhi, has just posed an interesting question. While J-LR has plenty of in-house design and engineering capability, will Tata be interested nevertheless in utilising some of the Italian design houses it uses quite heavily and has been happy with (IDEA did Indicar and it uses Bertone on trucks) for J-LR? Maybe not, but the question is a reminder that a new owner means nothing can be taken for granted.

BREAKING NEWS: UK: Tata preferred bidder for Jaguar/Land Rover


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