Blog: Dave LeggettTata budget car for India

Dave Leggett | 29 November 2005

We have an interesting feature article from Deepesh Rathore and Tilak Swarup in India looking at the state of play concerning Tata Motors’ plan for a sub €2,000 budget car for India. I like the idea that the project’s very existence in India has acted as a kind of platform for new ideas on how to develop such a car from scratch (rather than simply strip out and decontent an existing car).

As well as the manufacturing side, maybe there is a place for some pretty radical thinking on business models also. There's a good opportunity to do things different when you are talking about a radical concept that will appeal to a whole new group of consumers who are currently disenfranchised from car ownership. But do they have to actually own the car anyway? Perhaps elements from AT Kearney’s Indego study (the ‘next generation car company’ – you can still download it in the just-auto members' area) are very applicable here…

Rumours and reality behind Tata’s 1,900 euros car


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