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Dave Leggett | 23 April 2009

I have found myself looking at car specs and prices this morning. It all began when a friend revealed that he has just purchased a Caterham 7. It's a sunny and warm spring day here, so the thought of a blast in one of those instantly appeals. I even went on the Caterham website and came close to handing over GBP300 for a 2-day loan before I reined myself in and took a reality check (a sum like that is not exactly small change for me and my credits cards are permanently pushing limits).

And then things moved on to a more practical vein after I saw a press release which said the Kia Pecanto could be available - with that GBP2,000 scrappage voucher - for just a smidgeon over four grand. That got me on to smaller cars.

The standard supermini econoboxes are hard to get excited about, but there are a few manufacturers making an effort with small car designs. Ford's Fiesta has taken quite a few plaudits. I have said before that I like Kia's funky Soul.

And the Citroen C3 Picasso is another funky small car. And it's cheap, too. I wouldn't mind betting there will be quite a few customers with vouchers rocking up at Citroen dealers soon. And Citroen UK has been no slouch on the marketing front, offering its own scrappage incentive on selected models for a few weeks now.

I came across this review of the car from Ed Stephens at the Brum Mail on YouTube. He's clearly got a soft spot for Doctor Who and I like his laid-back style of delivery, though it may not be to everyone's taste. What's the car got? Space, utility, some good engines, funky design and it starts at GBP11,495 on the road. And there's a nice cheap servicing deal (which I have noticed more manufacturers are doing here now). Take a scrappage voucher in with you and that's a pretty good motor for under ten grand.



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